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Celebrating the people, places and events that tell the stories of Vancouver

We have celebrated 85 sites with public presentations and physical plaques. All 125 stories will be featured on the new website we are currently working on. We hope you’ll help us by sharing your stories of Places That Matter.

Visit our new website here:  Places That Matter Community History Resource.

Thanks to partial funding from Heritage BC’s Heritage Legacy Fund, the Vancouver Historical Society and Split Mango Media Inc, for their support of the website!

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PTM-logoPlaces That Matter is all about collaboration – and sharing the unique and lesser known history of the people, places and events that have shaped Vancouver since its incorporation as a city in 1886. Places That Matter evolved from the Vancouver 125th Anniversary celebrations in 2011.  VHF asked the public to nominate a place, person, or event that is important to City of Vancouver but that has yet to receive the acknowledgement it deserves. An independent committee made up of local historians, artists, students, heritage consultants, writers and educators reviewed the nominations and eventually 125 Vancouver stories were selected to be celebrated with a researched blue plaque. Each plaque with a QR code brings the smartphone user directly to this page. All plaques can be viewed digitally in past presentations below (click on the number).

Past Plaque Presentations

To view a digital version of each plaque, click on the numbers below.



See the map and archival images of all 5 West Hastings sites.
  • 84 June 26 - Tourism  Harbour Centre, 555 W Hastings St
  • 83 June 26 - Financial District  Birks Building, 698 W Hastings St
  • 82 June 26 - It's a Parade!  802 W Hastings St
  • 81 June 26 - Along the Bluff Lot 19 at the foot of Hornby and Hastings Street
  • 80 June 26 - "Canada's Magnificent Pacific Harbour" Portal Park, at the corner of Thurlow and Hastings Sts





Thank you to the site selection committee!

John Atkin, Rebecca Bolwitt, Arabella Campbell, Marguerite Ford, Charles Gauthier, Michael Kluckner, Kamala Todd, Hal Wake, Catherine Wang and Bruce Watson

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Learn more about the original nominations, sponsorship information and FAQs below: