The Naam

Naam connects with the Sanskrit word for name, as in the name of God in the pursuit of enlightenment. Managed by Ron Ferguson in its early years, it sourced local foods and sold them out of the western half of the store; later, the entire store became a restaurant. Following a period when it was managed by a loose cooperative of its workers, Peter Keith and partner Bob Woodsworth bought it in the late 1970s.


Once a very common type of shop in the city, the building has horizontal board siding, an indented centred doorway, two upstairs apartments and a wooden cornice. It was built in 1922, and originally had three addresses: 2722 and 2724 were the two storefronts, and 2726 the two apartments above. Albert H. Brereton’s dry goods shop was the first tenant at 2722, followed in the 1930s by a bakery;a later, long-term occupant was G. Soon’s Sincere Cleaners in the 1950s. Its last occupant before The Naam was the 4th Avenue Fish and Chips shop. On the 2724 side, Rainbow Beauty Salon operated from the 1930s into the late 1950s, followed by the Pakistan-India Trading Importers.


Glen the manager, 738 7180
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2724 W. 4th


49.268239, -123.167044

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