Architectural Photography Workshop and Tour at the Orpheum

Learn the history of a historic theatre and how to best photograph it

Saturday, February 9th
1pm – 4pm

The Orpheum, 601 Smithe St


This 3-hour photography workshop and tour celebrated the history and architecture of the Orpheum, which recently had it’s 90th anniversary. Attendees explored the eclectic mix of Moroccan, Indian, British and Spanish architectural influences with historian John Atkin. During the tour Architectural Photographer Martin Knowles offered tips and tricks of the trade to get the best photographs of the lobby spaces and shared useful information for how to best balance light, form and scale to make the most of the beautiful subject matter.

Co-presented by Vancouver Civic Theatres.

About the Instructor

Martin Knowles is an architectural photographer with over 20 years experience based in downtown Vancouver and has been Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s dedicated tour home photographer for over 10 years. Martin's work can be seen in VHF house tour guides and in recent map guides.




About the Venue

Designed by Scottish architect Marcus Priteca, the Orpheum opened in November 1927 as a vaudeville theatre. In the 1930s the theatre became a movie house and remained a single-screen venue until the 1970s when it was threatened with redevelopment.  After public outcry the City of Vancouver purchased the theatre and a renovation and restoration was completed by Thomson, Berwick, Pratt and Partners. At 90 years old, this historic building is the home of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and an incredible setting for shows of all kinds. The interior features antique décor, sweeping staircases, and a domed auditorium complete with ceiling mural and crystal chandeliers.