Heritage Week 2017

Celebrating "My Canada!"

February 13 – 19, 2017


Heritage Week celebrates built heritage across BC and Canada. In 2017, the theme was “My Canada!” in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation. Our country has changed and evolved significantly over the past 150 years and Heritage Week offers an opportunity to reflect on that journey before and since 1867, learn about the legacy of built heritage and consider its future. VHF held a series of events that explored Vancouver’s unique heritage places, different experiences of Canada and our place within the history of the nation.

Completed Heritage Week 2017 Events

Official Proclamation and Heritage Week Launch
Free Event
February 14th: 3pm - 4:30pm
JJ Bean Coffee Roasters at the Marine Building, 353 Burrard St
The official launch of the Heritage Week festivities! Councillor Heather Deal read the official proclamation, historian Maurice Guibord led a talk and short walking tour on the iconic Marine Building, the surrounding area and the long history of this part of our modern city.
Thank you to event partner JJ Bean Coffee Roasters and event sponsor the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association




Francophones in Early Vancouver
Walking Tour with Maurice Guibord
Monday, February 13th: 10am - 12pm
Historian Maurice Guibord led a walk through Gastown and the Downtown Eastside to learn about the presence of Francophones - French-Canadian, French, Belgian - in the early decades of Vancouver's development and their legacy today.

Before the City: Eburne, Marpole and the River
Walking Tour in South Vancouver with John Atkin
Saturday, February 18th: 1pm - 3pm
The shore of the Fraser River has sustained the Musqueam people for thousands of years and is the site of significant cultural and archaeological resources. It is also the site of some of the earliest non-native settlement in what would become Vancouver. The tiny settlement centered on today’s Hudson Street was connected to the larger world by rough-cut trails, passing riverboats, and eventually, interurban trains. Eburne grew into a substantial centre of industry and commerce known as Marpole with canneries and sawmills employing a multi-cultural workforce that included Musqueam, Japanese, Chinese and others. On this walk John Atkin led an exploration of the area's fascinating history.

Sunday Morning at The Ashnola
Walking Tour, Talk and Donuts
Sunday, February 19th: 9am - 10:30am
Cartems Main Street
A truly Canadian experience, as we spent the morning discussing heritage, history and donuts in Canada's 150th year. The Ashnola Apartments, located in what is now known as the brewery district, was built in 1913 for prominent British Columbian, Dr. Israel Powell. A supporter of Confederation and BC's merging with Vancouver Island, Powell was Superintendent of Indian Affairs for 18 years, a respected surgeon and a close friend of Sir John A. Macdonald. We joined author and artist Michael Kluckner at Cartems Donuterie, located on the main floor of The Ashnola, to learn about Dr. Powell's connection to Vancouver, BC, Canadian Confederation and the legacy of buildings like this one for the neighbourhood of Mount Pleasant. We also heard from Cartems co-owner, Jordon Cash about their connection to Vancouver, and the heritage spaces they choose to set up shop in.
Thank you to our event partner Cartems Donuterie

New Liverpool: Before the West End
Walking Tour with John Atkin
Sunday, February 19th: 2pm - 4pm
The immense forest and surrounding waters of today’s downtown peninsula had been, for thousands of years, an important resource for the local First Nations. With the advent of non-native settlement things changed and the area now known as the West End was pre-empted by three settlers after they were guided on ancient trails out to English Bay and saw the white sands of the beach. Logging cleared the forest and plans were drawn for New Liverpool. Even though it was a bust, that early survey still shapes the neighbourhood today. On this walk John Atkin discussed the layers of development that give this area its character.