Place Names: A Special Talk and Tour at Musqueam

Learn about the traditional language of Musqueam

Tuesday, April 16th
6pm – 8pm

Since the 1970s, the Musqueam community has been working towards language revitalization through documentation, research and the development of teaching and learning resources. By formally adopting the North American Phonetic Alphabet, the specialized symbols are designed to be an accurate language documentation and teaching tool. Join Musqueam Elder Larry Grant and Vanessa Campbell, of the Musqueam Language and Culture Department to learn about the traditional spoken language by First Nations 6 communities in and around Vancouver, and how language connects to places, history and cultural traditions.

During this visit to Musqueam, there will be a chance to speak the language, ask questions and learn about the community in a short walking tour of the area. You will be introduced to the contemporary landscape and public art of the Musqueam Indian Reservation #2, learn about the changes over time, and see archaeology sites that date to 1,500-4,500 BP. Light refreshments will be included.

Thank you to our hosts, Musqueam Language and Culture Department.

Find out more about Musqueam by visiting their website here: Visit the Musqueam website

Musqueam have also created an interactive map with information on Musqueam Place Names,  audio of the language spoken by Musqueam elders past and present, and historical photographs.

Visit the Musqueam Place Names map