Save the Buildings Fund

Help us rescue threatened heritage buildings through VHF's self-sustaining fund

Save the Buildings is a self-sustaining fund established to rescue threatened heritage buildings by purchasing and holding onto them just long enough to find a sympathetic purchaser  who will undertake its redevelopment.


Periodically buildings of historical significance come under threat of demolition. These buildings often languish under the public radar screen for years and are not on the City of Vancouver’s Heritage Register. Once a demolition application is made it is difficult to make the heritage case for keeping the building.  VHF would like to propose an alternative: purchase the building and find a developer who will include the original building in their redevelopment plans. Funds like this exist in dozens of North American cities. It is a proven model of heritage preservation. Under this model, the buildings receive protection under legal covenants on title requiring future owners to legally protect the buildings through Designation or Heritage Revitalization agreements. Once a suitable developer has been found and legal protection given to the building, VHF would then sell the building and proceeds would be returned to the fund. VHF would not hold onto properties indefinitely or undertake restoration or renovation of buildings.


Help VHF save buildings from the wrecking ball! With a little more funding, VHF will be able to step in to rescue our first building. If you would like to discuss helping VHF save threatened heritage buildings, call Judith Mosley, Executive Director at 604-264-9642 or email.