Front-Gabled 1½ to 2½ Storey Craftsman1910-1930

Front-Gabled 1½ to 2½ Storey Craftsman

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Front-Gabled 1½ to 2½ Storey Craftsman


Front-Gabled 2-1/2 storey Craftsmans have a boxy building shape (very similar to the Gabled Vernacular Style) with an attached front porch with square piers, knee brackets and usually a shed roof. Shed-roofed dormers and projecting bays on side elevations are also typical. This style is common in Kitsilano and Grandview. Essentially, they are Gabled Vernacular houses with Craftsman-style details.


  • Front gabled low-pitched roof
  • 1½ to 2½ storeys
  • Boxy building shape
  • Flared or squared porch post
  • Attached front porch with square piers, knee brackets and shed roof
  • Shed roof dormers
  • May have projecting bays


The main material of Craftsman houses was wood. Cedar shingles were used both for cladding and decorative components (e.g. in gable peaks). A combination of narrow lap siding and shingles was also popular. The upper part of porch posts or other decorative pieces such as dentils and knee brackets were often smoother wood. Stucco was an accent material usually combined with half-timber dividers in gables. Sometimes stucco was used as primary cladding. Brick was used for chimneys and as an accent. Clinker bricks and off-placed or protruding bricks were popular to achieve a rustic appearance.

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