VHF Architectural Salvage

Heritage Salvage Sales

VHF receives and sells salvaged materials. Finding new homes for historic materials and architectural items is another way we can support heritage conservation projects and sustainable practice in Vancouver. Components are saved from the landfill and can provide missing pieces in a heritage restoration project. They can also be great for new uses for art, a garden feature, or even a new building. Proceeds from items sold support VHF educational programming and grants.

VHF collected enough material to hold another pop-up sale on June 18th, 2016. Despite the rain, many people came to check out the many architectural antiques and salvaged items we had including a large collection of lighting fixtures, wood doors and windows, furniture, metal hardware and various fixtures and fittings. Many items went including three of the stained glass windows. Items still available will be updated soon – call for more information if you were not able to attend the sale.

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If you have architectural items that are no longer needed, please consider donating them to VHF. To donate items, please email us stating 'Donate Architectural Salvage' in the subject line. Tell us what you have available and we will confirm if we are able to take it. A charitable tax receipt can be provided if the value realized for the item is over $20.

**Please note: Many items may have lead paint or be made of older, non-compliant materials. Any modifications or treatment of surfaces should be done with appropriate caution and safety measures. Advice is available from local hardware and paint stores, and from professionals on how to safely remove or paint over existing finishes.**