House Call Grant

Get help drafting a report to guide the long-term maintenance and repair of a heritage building

House Call grants provide funding towards an on site consultation and the creation of a conservation report. This report guides owners on how to best preserve the historic fabric and character-defining elements of their building. The document will outline the current state of a structure and the long-term plan for its repair, maintenance and conservation.

The 2018 granting cycle is now closed and we are unable to accept new applications. Please check back or subscribe to our e-newsletter for information about 2019 grants.

Receive up to 50% of the cost, to a maximum of $500, towards a Conservation Report.

Grant recipients must hire a Heritage Consultant from a list provided by VHF. The Heritage Consultant assesses the history and condition of your house, discusses your plans, and drafts the report.

If you apply for House Call, your house or building should be on or in the process of going on to the City of Vancouver Heritage Register. This grant is often applied for at the same time as the Get on the Register grant.

The Grant Application deadline is Thursday February 1st, 2018

Download the Guidelines for drafting a Conservation Report here


Don Luxton                    Al Diamond
Margot Keate West       Ivonne Voelkel
Hugh McLean                John Quinton
Karen Russell

Harriet Goodwin, Program Manager
Judith Mosley, Executive Director