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The Places That Matter project has a new home! Places That Matter Community History Resource website

In 2021, Places That Matter celebrated its 10th anniversary year!

Vancouver Heritage Foundation was honoured to receive a 2019 City of Vancouver Heritage Award of Honour for Education and Awareness and a 2019 Heritage BC Award of Honour for Education and Awareness in relation to this project.

Militant Mother’s Day & ‘Raymur Pedestrian Bridge’ PTM Plaque Presentation

Saturday, May 7, 11am - 2pm
600 Raymur Ave, Vancouver

Join us at the Militant Mother's Day celebration from 11am - 2pm on Saturday, May 7. Come visit our tent and attend the 'Raymur Pedestrian Bridge - Militant Mothers' PTM plaque presentation at 12:45pm.

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Photo credit: Murray Bush

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