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The Heritage Site Finder is an interactive map of the Vancouver Heritage Register, previously only accessible to the public as a PDF. The Heritage Site Finder enables you to search over 2200 locations by address or site name, with images and information for each site. The interactive map is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.

2022 Upgrades

  • Improved appearance and user experience
    • ‘Quick Tour’ outlines all of the features of the site
    • Simplified filters
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Improved Accessibility and Inclusivity
    • Compatible with screen readers
    • Large font size
    • Compatible with Indigenous language fonts
  • Improved media integration (photos, documents, video)

Thank You to Our Project Partners

SplitMango Media Inc

Thanks Vegan Fund

Heritage BC, Heritage Legacy Fund

Get Youth Working Grant from Province of BC

Using the Map

We recommend navigating the site using Chrome or Firefox for the best performance. The video tutorial to the right that goes through the site’s key features.

The ‘Quick Tour’ provides a general overview to orient new users. The Quick Tour will pop up automatically the first time you navigate to the site. You can consult the Quick Tour at any time by clicking on the ‘Help’ button in the lower left-hand corner of the page.

Answers to most questions about the site will be found on the ‘About’ and ‘FAQ’ pages, but VHF staff would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Contact details are available on the ‘About’ page.

Should you wish to consult the City of Vancouver’s PDF copy of the City of Vancouver Heritage Register, it is available to download here.

Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you to the many research and photography volunteers who have contributed to this project since 2015. Please contact VHF’s Administration and Volunteer Manager Caroline McDonald if you would like to volunteer to assist with researching and adding content to the Heritage Site Finder. We are always looking for volunteers to support this project.

“It was an interesting experience volunteering for Vancouver Heritage Foundation, and the experience has changed my perception of looking at the city as a new immigrant to Canada. I have never been bored walking on the street in this city because there is always something new to think about, discover and explore. Thanks for the opportunity volunteering at VHF.”

Research Volunteer 2017-2018

“My time volunteering at the VHF has been a great learning experience. It gave me an avenue to transfer and to apply some of the skills I have picked in school, and to discover more on the magnificent heritage buildings in the city. I enjoyed the creative challenge of choosing and analysing a plethora of resources, and in repackaging the stories of each building into a brand new tale. I highly encourage individuals who are interested in history, architecture, urban studies or similar fields to try out this valuable opportunity. You will learn a lot!”

Volunteer 2016

Acknowledgements and Awards

Thank you to SplitMango Media Inc for their continued support and dedication on this project. The original Heritage Site Finder project was funded in part by Heritage BC through the Heritage Legacy Fund and in part by a Get Youth Working Grant from the Province of BC. The 2022 upgrade was funded by the Thanks Vegan Fund.

  • In 2016 Heritage BC, Award of Honour for Heritage Education and Awareness and in 2017, the Award of Honour from the City of Vancouver Heritage Awards.

If you are interested in becoming involved by supporting this project with a sponsorship or donation, please contact Executive Director, Laura Carey