Volunteering for Vancouver Heritage Foundation is an opportunity to help spread the message of the positive effects heritage conservation has on Vancouver while meeting new people and learning about our city’s history, unique architecture and cultural heritage. VHF benefits from the skills and talents of a large and committed group of volunteers.

Volunteer Benefits

  • Personal access to events commensurate with volunteer hours
  • Receive a VHF volunteer t-shirt to wear during events
  • Receive an invitation to our annual volunteer appreciation event
  • Social Media and e-Newsletter highlights
  • Be a part of a thriving community committed to the conservation of Vancouver’s heritage places

Guidelines and Policies

Please read the Volunteer Handbook in full before applying to become a VHF volunteer. Every volunteer is required to sign off that they have read, understood and agree to abide by the volunteer policies. You will receive your own copy of the guidelines upon being invited to join our volunteer team. They will also remain posted here for reference.