Heritage Site Finder Interactive Map

The Vancouver Heritage Register on an Interactive Map

The Heritage Site Finder is an interactive map of the Vancouver Heritage Register. Previously only accessible to the public as a PDF, the Heritage Site Finder presents the information in a visual format, searchable by address or site name, with images and information for each site. Over 2200 sites are already included and we continue to add information. The map is fully compatible with mobile devices, serving as a mobile guide as well as a valuable research tool engaging for locals and visitors alike.


There is also a free Heritage Site Finder APP for iPhone or you can add the Heritage Site Finder to your smartphone homescreen for easy reference (instructions for downloading the app).

Notes about using the map

Please read the introductory page and refer to the FAQ section for help in navigating this web tool. We recommend that you use Firefox or Chrome, or download the app and update it periodically for the most recent map versions and the best user experience.

The Heritage Register is a key component in the City of Vancouver’s Heritage Conservation Program. Compiled in the 1980s and adopted by Council in 1986 to celebrate the City’s centenary, it has been under comprehensive review since 2015 to update it for the first time. The Heritage Site Finder provides a useful tool for all to better understand what is already on the Heritage Register and what could be added.

We also invite you to read our weekly feature on Vancouver is Awesome which will periodically include stories our volunteer researchers have discovered while working on the Heritage Site Finder.


vhf-award-show-910We are honoured to be the recipients of the 2016 Heritage BC Award of Honour for Education and Awareness! Congratulations as well to Split Mango Media Inc. We are very grateful for their time and dedication to the project.

Thanks to over 50 generous volunteers, we have added current photographs of nearly all of the over 2200 sites listed on the Register, with an estimated 1000 of those sites also including a description. We continue to populate the map with images and information and welcome your feedback and support.

This project was funded in part by Heritage BC through the Heritage Legacy Fund and in part by a Get Youth Working Grant from the Province of BC. If you are interested in becoming involved by supporting this project with a sponsorship or donation, please contact Executive Director, Judith Mosley.

Would you like to help? If you have time to contribute to VHF's Heritage Site Finder Map, to help complete the information write ups, please contact Jessica Quan, Special Project Coordinator. Please include your contact information, and a few words about your background, how much time you can commit, and your interest in VHF. Most of the work can be completed on your own time.