Student Access Program

Encouraging the next generation to embrace our built heritage

VHF is eager to enable students to attend our programs and benefit from an education in Vancouver’s history and heritage conservation. There are three ways students can access VHF’s programs at a reduced cost: sponsored seats, student priced tickets, and volunteering. The VHF Student Access Program is intended to assist those who would otherwise be unable to cover the costs associated with attending our programs.

General Guidelines:

For the purposes of the Student Access Program, VHF defines a student as 16 – 30 years of age, currently enrolled as a student. Valid Student ID must be shown to pick up tickets or attend an event. Please ensure you bring you student ID with you to your ticketed event, as you may be asked to produce it.

There are a limited number of tickets or seats available at each event for the Student Access Program. VHF reserves the right to close sales of Student Access tickets at any time.

Any abuse of the Student Access Program including misrepresentation of age or educational status, failure to appear at a booked event, or transfer of Student Access tickets without authorization will result in disqualification from future Student offers.


VHF is offering the chance for attendees to sponsor a seat for a student to attend certain VHF house tours, talks or workshops. This allows attendees the option of adding to their own ticket cost 50% or 100% of the cost of an additional ticket which will then be offered to a student.

How can I sponsor a student?

For online orders simply select the Sponsor a Student option at check out. You can select either 50% or 100% of the additional ticket cost. To order in person or over the phone, just let us know that you would like to add the cost of sponsoring a student. You will receive a charitable tax receipt for donations over $20. If your donation is not utilized for that particular event, VHF will apply those funds to sponsor a student at a future event.

How can I become a sponsored student?

If you are student interested in attending a specific VHF event or would like to be notified when sponsored spots are available please send an email to In the email please include your full name, the program and institution where you are currently studying and the event(s) you are interested in attending. When sponsored seats are available, VHF will notify those who have registered their interest as well as through other communication channels. Seats are assigned on a first come first served basis. Please note that failure to attend without advanced notice while utilizing a sponsored seat or ticket will result in removal from all lists.

Sponsor a Student is available for 2019 programming.


Some VHF events will include a student priced ticket. Please note, due to programming costs, we are not able to offer discounts on all events. When available, student priced tickets can be purchased online, over the phone or in person. Unless a valid student ID is verified, tickets cannot be mailed or picked up ahead of time, but must be picked up at the event with a valid student photo ID. Please be aware that if you purchase more than one ticket, all student priced ticket holders must show valid student photo ID to claim, not just the ticket purchaser. If any ticket holders cannot supply valid student photo ID, they will be asked to pay full price.

Check back for information on student priced ticket availability for 2020 events.


Volunteering is a great way to support VHF's mandate, while also gaining free access to our programs. Everyone who volunteers is offered the opportunity to attend an event in trade of service. House tour volunteers receive a ticket to attend a tour before or after their shift, and once you have volunteered three times you may take advantage of up to two free seats per year at Evening Lectures or select Old School workshops. Volunteering is an excellent way to not only attend events for free, but take advantage of time with other heritage professionals and enthusiasts to learn about heritage conservation in Vancouver.

VHF does require certain qualifications to become a volunteer. We also have a code of conduct that all volunteers are expected to adhere to. To find out if joining our volunteer crew is a good fit for you visit the Volunteer with VHF page.