Non-VHF Funding

Other sources of financial support available for Vancouver heritage buildings

Vancouver Heritage Foundation has researched and compiled a list of available incentives for heritage buildings and sites in Vancouver to assist you in finding funding support for your heritage project. The programs are organized here by where they apply – municipally, provincially or nationally – and their primary applicability – heritage conservation, sustainability or cultural infrastructure.

For full program details or the latest information and eligibility, please contact the program provider directly.

Grants for Heritage Conservation Activities


Heritage Revitalization Agreement (HRA)

An HRA is a formal agreement between the property owner and the City. Each one involves a negotiation to establish a customized agreement, with the goal to protect the heritage property through designation.

Offered by: City of Vancouver

For: Preservation and conservation work.

Eligibility: Properties on the Vancouver Heritage Register.

Incentive: Varying of land use, density, set-backs and other regulations in exchange for preservation, restoration and protection of the property.


Heritage Incentive Program (HIP)

The HIP is a City of Vancouver grant program available for a four-year period from 2019 – 2022. It provides up to $4.0 million per eligible building.

Offered by: City of Vancouver

For:  Conservation work and seismic upgrades.

Eligibility: Properties on the Vancouver Heritage Register that are legally protected by a heritage designation bylaw.

Incentive: Funding of $100 per sq. ft. of the total floor area of the building. Grant covers a maximum of 50% of the conservation project costs with an upward limit of $4.0 million. Additional incentives such as by-law relaxations and transferable density may also be available for properties in eligible areas.


Heritage Facade Rehabilitation Program (HFRP)

The HFRP is a City of Vancouver grant program available for a four-year period from 2019 – 2022 It offers up to $50,000 per street-facing façade for eligible buildings on the Vancouver Heritage Register.

Offered by: City of Vancouver

For: Façade restoration, conservation, and seismic stabilization.

Eligibility: Properties on the Vancouver Heritage Register constructed mainly of unreinforced masonry.

Incentive: Funding of up to 50% of façade rehabilitation costs to a maximum of $50,000 per principal façade.



Heritage Legacy Fund (HLF)

The HLF was established in 2003 with a $5 million endowment from the Government of British Columbia to support heritage conservation activities.

Offered by: Heritage BC

For: Heritage conservation and heritage awareness projects. There are four subprograms: (1) the Heritage Conservation Program; (2) the Heritage Awareness Program: for an educational program or campaign; (3) the Heritage Planning Program: for producing documents to support conservation work; (4) the Indigenous Partnership Program: for a project that contributes to the reconciliation process.

Eligibility: Non-profit societies, registered charities, local governments and school boards.

Incentive: Matching grant up to 50% of eligible project costs. The funding amounts available per program are: the Heritage Conservation Program – funds of up to $25,000; the Heritage Awareness Program – funds of up to $10,000; the Heritage Planning Program – funds of up to $750; the Indigenous Partnership Program – funds of up to $7,500.



Community War Memorial Funding

Offered by: Veterans Affairs Canada

For: The repair, restoration and expansion of statues or structures (not buildings) erected to honour Canadian veterans in conflicts after 1867.

Eligibility: Non-profits, private sector, provinces, territories and municipalities.

Incentive: Grant of up to 50% of project costs to a maximum of $25,000.


National Historic Sites Cost-Sharing Program

Offered by: Parks Canada

For: Technical and planning document preparation, and for conservation work. There are three categories: (1) Preparatory Assistance Projects: for preparation of technical and planning documents; (2) Conservation Projects: for conservation of threatened components of a site to secure its physical integrity; (3) Presentation Projects: for communicating the reasons for designation of a heritage place.

Eligibility: Non-federally owned National Historic Sites. Provincial, territorial, municipal and regional governments, Aboriginal and other not-for-profit organizations that own or have a long-term lease on the asset.

Incentive: A matching grant of up to 50% of eligible project costs to a maximum of $10,000  for Preparatory Assistance Projects, a maximum of $10,000 for Presentation Projects and a maximum of $100,000 for Conservation Projects.


Building Communities through Arts and Heritage — Legacy Fund

Offered by: Government of Canada

For: Restoration of existing buildings that have local significance and are intended for community use. Projects must commemorate a historical event or personality marking a 100th anniversary or greater in 25 year increments.

Eligibility: Non-profits, municipal governments with an active partnership with a community based group, or Aboriginal governments and organisations.

Incentive: Up to 50% of eligible project expenses to a maximum of $500,000.


Grants for Sustainability Upgrades


Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grants

Offered by: Vancouver Foundation

For: Projects that contribute to Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan. This grant could potentially be used to complete a sustainable retrofit of a heritage building.

Eligibility: Residents of Vancouver.

Incentive: Up to a $500 grant.



CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate Program – Residential

Offered by: The Provincial and Federal governments through BC Hydro, FortisBC, and BC Housing.

For: Energy efficiency upgrades.

Eligibility: Homeowners who are BC Hydro or FortisBC customers. Rebates are specific to single-family dwellings.

Incentive: Various rebates towards a percentage of the cost of energy efficiency home upgrades.

Also see the Heritage Energy Retrofit Grant which works with the Home Renovation Rebate Program and Municipal Partner Offer for heritage homes in Vancouver.


Grants for Cultural Organizations


Cultural Infrastructure Grants

Offered by: City of Vancouver

For: Planning and completion of purchasing, building or renovating cultural space, including feasibility studies for upgrades and consultations.

Eligibility: Non-profit societies. Heritage buildings can be eligible if they have a cultural mandate or programming.

Incentive: Grants up to $250,000 for major capital projects. Up to $50,000 for minor capital projects and planning projects.


Permit Fee Assistance Program

Offered by: City of Vancouver

For: Permit fees associated with renovating or constructing cultural spaces for non-profits.

Eligibility: Non-profits in the cultural sector.

Incentive: Up to $1,500 per applicant. Distributed on a first come first serve basis until the yearly amount of $10,000 has been granted.



Capital Project Grants

Offered by: BC Gaming Commission Lottery Grants

For: Capital projects with a cost of over $20,000 that benefit the broader community. Includes renovation or maintenance of existing facilities, as well as development of infrastructure and/or acquisition of assets.

Eligibility: Community non-profit organizations. An organization may only apply for one project per year.

Incentive: A maximum of $250,000 to cover up to 50% of the project costs.  


Community Gaming Grants

Offered by: BC Gaming Commission Lottery Grants

For: Projects that directly benefit the larger community that are based in: Arts and Culture, Sport, Environment, Public Safety, Human and Social Services, Parent Advisory Councils and District Parent Advisory Councils.

Eligibility: Community non-profit organizations.

Incentive: Grants up to $100,000 for organizations that deliver programs locally. Up to $20,000 can be used for minor capital projects that are essential to program delivery (could be used for heritage restoration or maintenance). Funding up to $225,000 per year for groups that deliver regional programs and up to $250,000 per year for groups that deliver provincial wide programs.



Canada Cultural Spaces Fund

Launched in 2012, the purpose of the program is to improve conditions in cultural spaces within Canada.

Offered by: Government of Canada

For: Upgrades and renovations to arts and heritage facilities, purchase of specialized equipment and studies related to capital projects in cultural spaces. This funding is not for restoration, it is specifically for upgrades to arts and museum spaces.

Eligibility: Non-profit arts and heritage organizations, provincial, territorial, municipal and regional governments, or Aboriginal people’s institutions and organisations.

Incentive: Funding of up to 50% of eligible project expenses. This includes funding for construction or renovation up to an amount of $15,000,000, purchase or rental of specialized equipment up to $5,000,000, and a feasibility study up to $500,000.


Other grants may be available through the Vancouver Foundation, the BC Real Estate Foundation and VanCity.

Also check the lists of funding opportunities from the National Trust for Canada, the Government of Canada and Heritage BC for updates and new programs.