Publication Grant

A grant program to support new publications in a variety of media

The Yosef Wosk Publication Fund has been established at Vancouver Heritage Foundation through a generous donation from Dr. Yosef Wosk.

Yosef Wosk Publication Grants will support new, original publications on aspects of Vancouver’s heritage places, their conservation and related topics. A variety of media can be eligible for support through the program including printed books, digital publications and film. Up to $10,000 total is available annually to disburse.

Eligible projects will have a tangible long-lasting product and aim to increase public awareness, knowledge and appreciation of heritage places or heritage conservation in Vancouver. Publications could relate to cultural landscapes or intangible cultural heritage as well as buildings, structures, districts and other places that have heritage value. The finished project should have a permanent format and be publicly accessible, and have a plan for distribution. Eligible projects could include but are not limited to print and online books or booklets, technical guides, videos or documentary film, websites, and audio publications.

The program aims to support projects in reaching completion by assisting with a variety of professional services and fees such as editing, graphic design, technical drawing, reproduction and permission fees. The grant can be used to support a defined phase of a larger project.

Thank you to Dr. Yosef Wosk for establishing the Yosef Wosk Publication Fund at Vancouver Heritage Foundation.

2020 Application Deadline: Wednesday, September 30th, 2020. Application intake opens June 1st, 2020.

Program Guidelines

Pre-application Planning Guide

Project Budget Template (excel)

Apply for VHF’s Yosef Wosk Publication Grant HERE.

Program updates: Four applicants were selected to receive partial funding for projects to be completed in 2020. The projects range from a print publication, oral history video projects and a heritage site history documentary. We will share more information as they become available.

If you have any questions, please contact Special Projects Manager

2019 Publication Fund Granting Committee

John Belshaw – Writer, professor and historian

Beth Carter – Curator, Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art

Ann-Marie Metten – Executive Director, Historic Joy Kogawa House (Writer’s Residencies)

Paneet Singh – Playwright and filmmaker

Leslie Van Duzer- Professor, UBC School of Landscape and Landscape Architecture

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Examples of completed VHF publications:

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