Restore It Grant

2919 E 29th Avenue received a Restore It grant to replace an aging roof.

Funds to help restore exterior heritage fabric

Receive a Restore It cash grant of up to $7,500 per project (maximum of 50% of the cost of the project) for the maintenance, repair and restoration of the original exterior fabric of heritage buildings or structures. Examples of fundable projects are the repair & restoration of original exterior shingles, siding, stucco, windows, doors, chimneys, masonry elements, roofs, porches, gutters, etc. Your home must be on the Heritage Register to be a candidate for a grant. If you have questions about whether your project will qualify give us a call or send an email and we can talk with you about your project. There is also a pdf link below with past projects that may help clarify the types of projects eligible for Restore It.

Please also visit the Heritage Energy Retrofit Grant page as the program now offers up to $1000 towards the cost of storm windows when you do at least one other energy retrofit.

The 2019 granting cycle is no longer open. Please check back for information about the 2020 granting cycle. 


Download a PDF file of previous Grant Recipient projects illustrating restoration and repair projects:
Restore It Grant Recipient Project.

Read the stories of other Restore It grant recipients below.





Hawks Street restoration







West 2nd Avenue restoration



Don Luxton                    Al Diamond
Margot Keate West       Ivonne Voelkel
Hugh McLean                John Quinton
Karen Russell

Harriet Goodwin, Program Manager
Judith Mosley, Executive Director


For further information, read 'Heritage Window Restoration' by Canada Home Builder Magazine: