Heritage Energy Retrofit Grant

Grants to assist with improving energy efficiency

VHF launched the Heritage Energy Retrofit Grant program in the summer of 2015 in partnership with the City of Vancouver’s Sustainability Group. In 2016 COV’s Water Engineering Department joined the program, and the City has committed to providing funding for the program from November 2016 to November 2018. Our aim is to retrofit Vancouver’s older homes to reduce energy and water consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions. We are pleased to announce that new measures have been added to the program, including wood storm windows and high efficiency toilets.

The Heritage Energy Retrofit Grant is designed to assist with energy retrofits and water efficiency measures that will improve comfort and reduce energy consumption, water use, and running costs in ways compatible with the conservation of heritage fabric and character elements. The revised Terms and Conditions and Application Form are both posted below.

Read how the Heritage Energy Retrofit Grant assisted one pilot program family in reducing annual GHG emissions by over 4 tonnes!

The Heritage Energy Retrofit Grant is designed to support retrofits that deliver measurable reductions in greenhouse gases (GHG’s), and provide guidance for navigating FortisBC and BC Hydro’s Home Renovation Rebate Program (originally the Home Energy Rebate Offer) and the Municipal Partner Offer  launched jointly with the City of Vancouver in September 2016. To understand how the Heritage Energy Retrofit Grant works with the Home Renovation Rebate Program and Municipal Partner Offer please review the Terms and Conditions.

Grant Funding Available For:

  • Pre- and post-retrofit evaluations, the program’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Opportunities Report, Natural Resources Canada’s EnerGuide Report.
  • Energy coaching with an Energy Advisor if participant doesn’t qualify for Municipal Partner Offer coaching
  • GHG reduction retrofits not covered by the utilities (high efficiency forms of heating & hot water, insulation and draft proofing)
  • Fuel switching from gas (or oil) to an electric air source heat pump
  • Wooden storm windows (when at least one other qualifying retrofit is undertaken) see technical requirements below
  • Water efficiency measures (high efficiency toilets, aerators & shower heads – toilets must accompany at least one other retrofit)
  • Rental dwellings may now participate in the program

A maximum of $3,000 is available per home towards qualifying retrofits; or a maximum of $6,000 per home if fuel switching from gas (or oil) to an electric air source heat pump, including other retrofits.

House Eligibility Requirements

Houses must either be on the Vancouver Heritage Register or built in Vancouver before 1940. Only houses with oil or gas heating are eligible as these offer the highest GHG reduction opportunities. Please note the grant is for new retrofits only and we are not able to provide funds retroactively for already completed projects.

View full Terms and Conditions

View requirements for wood storm windows here. Construction requirements are based on Province of British Columbia guidelines for traditional wood storm windows, and are specific to double hung wood windows, the dominant traditional window design. Non-wood storm units are not supported by this grant for traditional double hung wood windows. If your home has different original windows such as 1930’s metal casement windows, please contact VHF to discuss heritage appropriate storm window alternatives.

Application & Deadlines

Applicants may apply at any time, but have one year from the time of applying to complete the program so are encouraged to apply before the end of 2017 to ensure they have time to finish the program. Participants must finish the program by October 31, 2018, so must schedule their post-retrofit energy evaluation by October 1, 2018.

Download an Application Form

Vancouver Heritage Foundation worked with the City of Vancouver Sustainability Group and Water Engineering Department to create this tool to help older houses with energy improvements. It supports efforts to see retention of heritage and character homes, while also contributing to the City’s goal of Greenest City by 2020.

VHF is pleased to acknowledge the participation of City Green Solutions in the development of the Heritage Energy Retrofit Grant program and for providing the certified Energy Advisors who will conduct the program’s energy and water evaluations on program participant homes. City Green Solutions will provide each participant home with a EnerGuide Renovation Upgrade Report, and the program’s GHG Reduction Opportunities Report that will offer specific recommendations for suitable retrofits for your home. On site and telephone coaching and support is available throughout the program if you have any questions during your retrofit projects.