True Colours Grant

1642 Stephens Street, before and after being repainted in 2016 with a True Colours Grant.

True Colours Grants assist with repainting heritage buildings

Receive up to a $1,000 cash grant and complementary paint from Benjamin Moore to restore the exterior paint colours of a heritage building. A Heritage Consultant will come to your home or building and determine the original colour scheme, then recommended a scheme for your project. Grant recipients will then contract a painter from our Approved List to complete the work.

Funded paint schemes are either the building’s original paint colours as determined by a Heritage Consultant, or are historically appropriate colours selected from the True Colours palette based on the recommendations of a Heritage Consultant.

Download a Grant Application form here

NEW! Mole Hill’s historic paint schemes have been documented in a PDF you can download below to see more historically authentic paint schemes.

Your home must be on the Heritage Register and be in good, original condition to be a candidate for a grant. Please email us a good quality photo of your house if you are considering True Colours.

See the palette of True Colours Paint Swatches. Hard copies of the palette are available at our office or at Benjamin Moore locations.

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The Grant Application deadline is February 1st, 2017

Download a Grant Application form here

Download the 2017 list of approved painters here

Download PDF files of Grant Recipient buildings from 2001 - 2015 illustrating heritage paint schemes:
Houses East of Main Street
Houses West of Main Street


Donald Luxton - Heritage Consultant, BCAHP                 
Al Diamond - Architect
Margot Keate West - Heritage Consultant
Ivonne Voelkel - Architect, BCAHP
Hugh McLean - City of Vancouver Heritage Planner
John Quinton - Contractor
Karen Russell - UBC Planner

Rebecca Bishop, VHF Programming Manager
Judith Mosley, VHF Executive Director, BCAHP