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Help VHF ensure historic buildings and places will be part of Vancouver’s future.


VHF is taking a leading role in championing our city’s heritage places. It is as important as ever to engage people with Vancouver’s diverse and rich history, promote the benefits of heritage conservation and provide practical support to those looking after Vancouver’s built heritage.

Please consider making a donation to Vancouver Heritage Foundation.

Your donation will help us deliver established and new programs and projects. Our annual house tours continue to be a popular source of heritage education. We are also committed to bringing heritage into the 21st century with a growing selection of online resources such as the Heritage Site Finder and the Community History Resource that make it easy for everyone to learn about Vancouver’s diverse and valued heritage places.

Your contribution helps us continue to enrich these resources and add new ones, including our 2018 initiative to create a VHF Schools Program with resources to engage school students with the history and built heritage in their city. With your help we can put this into action. Thank you for supporting VHF.

Nearly 25% of our annual budget comes directly from donations and fundraising efforts. Through partnerships, sponsorships and grant funding, we are able to leverage your donation to work even harder, while over 200 volunteers support events and projects helping us make your contribution go a long way.

All donations are tax deductible according to CRA regulations. An official receipt for income tax purposes is issued for donations of $20 or more.

VHF's registered charity number is 891765968.

  • DONATE BY TELEPHONE - call VHF's office at 604-264-9642

VHF also offers a monthly giving option with authorized automatic debits. For more information on how monthly giving works, please contact Caili Bell, Office and Program Coordinator at 604 264 9642 or email.

If you would like to discuss your gift to VHF in more detail please call Judith Mosley, Executive Director at 604-264-9642 or email.

As a charitable organization, we are grateful for all donations. Your support means we can promote appreciation of Vancouver’s unique history and built heritage, and support conservation projects with education, information and grants. Donors are acknowledged on our website and in our annual reports.

Memorial Donations

VHF is able to accept donations in memory of a specific person. If you would like us to send a personalized letter to the family or loved ones informing them of your gift, please indicate on the online form the name of the person the gift memorializes and the address where the letter should be sent. You can also contact us directly via email or phone 604 264 9642 to discuss your gift.

THANK YOU to the 2017 Friends of VHF whose contributions ensure our ability to offer unique, award-winning programs:

Witmar Abele, Susan Alexander, Bruce Allen, Mamie Angus, Carmen Apted, Ric Arboit, Howard Ashton, Julie Backer, Gregg Baker, Elizabeth Ball & Douglas Welch, Gillian Beattie, Lorraine Bennett, Karin Bernauer, Stephen Best, Stacy Bhola-Reebye & Rajiv Reebye, Russel Black, Stephen Blaxland, Barbara Boehm, Janet Boeur, Simon Boisvert, Janine Bond, Ryan Bragg, Peter Brock, Dallas Brodie, Lorna Brown, Adrienne Brown, John Buckberrough, George Campbell, Stephanie Carlson, Sheila Carnahan, Mike Cates, Rebecca Catley, David Clarke & Fraser Norrie, Louisa Cohen, Linda Collins, Allan Cunningham, Pelar Davidson, Heather Deal, Brenda Doris, Andrea Elvidge, D Margaret Etchell, Patricia Evans & John Stonier, James Evans, Herbert Evers, Marta Farevaag, Paul Fast, Jan Fialkowski, Peter Finch, Jessie Fischer, Charles & Lucile Flavelle, Marguerite Ford, Barbara Fromm, Daphne Frost, Pete Fry, Jake Fry & Elizabeth Seaton, Bonnie Gabel, Charles Gauthier, Michael Geller, Sue Gill, Carole Goldsmith, Chris Gorczynski, Heather Gordon, John Goundrey, Andrew & Melanie Graham, Connie Graham, Chris Graham, Andrew & Joan Grant, Nairn Grundy, Anne Guthrie-Warman, Imbi & Phillip Harding, Gordon Harris, Henry Hawthorn & Jane Durante, Johanna Hickey, Wendy & Ashley Hilliard, Andrew Hiscox, Jean Hodgins, John Holland, Jason Howell, Wendy Hunt, Lisa Isherwood, Sakura Iwagami, Keith Jakobsen, Heather James, Joseph & Elizabeth Jarvis, Lynn Kagan, Lynn Katey, Lynne Kennedy, Larry & Sherry Killam, Hiroko King, Paul Kluckner, Cheryl Knopp, Christina Knudson, Edward Kolic, Frances Kolotyluk, Myrna Kozier, Virgina Kwan, Helena Lang & Steven Forbes Lang, Denny & Stephanie Lang, Paul Larocque, Lorey Lasley, Baila Lazarus, Imogene Lim, Pamela Lockhart, Barbara Lockyer, Sheila Lovelock, Laverne MacFadden, George MacIntosh, Janis Mack, Michael MacLean, Sylvia Mahal, Kathy Mair, Anne Mathisen, Euan McLean, Janet Mee, Sylvia Messer, Ann-Marie & Andy Metten, Mary Lou Miles, Rob Mitchell, Jane Mitchell, Cheryl Mitchell, David Mitchell, Janet & Andrew Morgan, Daryl Nelson, Marina Newson, Christine Nicolas, Penelope Noble, Anthony Norfolk, Cornelia Oberlander, Judy Oberlander, Toshi Oikawa, Adele Oliver, Bernie Papke, Danielle Peacock, Sonja Pedersen, Eric Phillips, Anne Piternick, Britney Quail, Dan Quon, John Quinton, Madeleine Radford, Chris Ray, Janis Rea, Katherine Reichert, Ian & Viviane Reid, Sharon Revel, Virginia Richards, Margaret Richards, John Robinson, Judy Rogers & Grant Close, William & Ruth Ross, Graham Rudd & Pascale de Kerckhove, Jessie Rupp, Karen Russell, Lindsay Salt, Anthony Salvian, Jenny Sandy, Georgia Scott, Jo Scott Baxendale, Jean Scribner, Secret Garden Tea Company, Cecil Sigal, Heidi Solanki, Peter & Rosa Stenberg, Jim Stiven, Judy & Daniel Stoffman, Mary Stott, Lesley Stowe, Strathcona Church, Sharon Street, Bruce & Margaret Stuart, Ronald & Wendy Stuart, Mary Sweeney, Andy Sylvester, Kaarina Talvila, Beverley Taylor, Anona Thorne, John Tobin, Colleen Torrison, Ross Turnbull, Phyllis Tyers, Dale Unrau, Elizabeth Walker, Rory Wallace, Margaret Walwyn, Kerri-Lee Watson, Bruce Watson, David & Elvi Whittaker, Anne Williams, Sheri Wisnowski, Jennifer Wolfe, Sue Womersley, John Wood, Monty Wood, Jamie & Claire Wright, Bruce Munro Wright