Heritage Site Finder Interactive Map

The Vancouver Heritage Register on an Interactive Map

The Heritage Site Finder is an interactive map of the Vancouver Heritage Register. Previously only accessible to the public as a PDF, the Heritage Site Finder lets you search over 2200 locations by address or site name, with images and information for each site.  The interactive map is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.


  • A “contact us” button has been added to each site’s overview page. Clicking on it brings the user to a form where you can contact VHF and share your personal connection to the address/site, upload a photo or share a comment/correction. We may contact you if we wish to add your story or image to the HSF project.
  • “Learn More” button to see the “Overview” full page description of each site.
  • Gallery” page has been updated, click to see current and archival images of each site. This full page is how shareable with an independent webpage link, and searchable online by name/address.
  • New Icons: “other” category and “removed/losses“. See all “National Historic Sites” (14) and all protected or designated sites (over 600) in Vancouver. See Vancouver Historic Areas, currently including “Chinatown Historic Area”.


**Please note: None of the buildings, sites or monuments shown on the Heritage Site Finder are owned, managed or operated by Vancouver Heritage Foundation. VHF is an educational organization working to create awareness about Vancouver’s heritage sites and places.

Notes about using the map

Please read the introductory page and refer to the FAQ section for help in navigating this web tool. We recommend that you use Firefox or Chrome.

The Heritage Register is a key component in the City of Vancouver’s Heritage Conservation Program. Compiled in the 1980s and adopted by Council in 1986 to celebrate the City’s centenary, it has been under comprehensive review since 2015 to update it for the first time. The Heritage Site Finder provides a useful tool for all to better understand what is already on the Heritage Register and what could be added.

Acknowledgements and Awards

Thank you to Split Mango Media Inc for their continued support and dedication on this project. This project was funded in part by Heritage BC through the Heritage Legacy Fund and in part by a Get Youth Working Grant from the Province of BC.

  • In 2016 Heritage BC, Award of Honour for Heritage Education and Awareness and in 2017, the Award of Honour from the City of Vancouver Heritage Awards.
  • If you are interested in becoming involved by supporting this project with a sponsorship or donation, please contact Executive Director, Judith Mosley.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are continually updating the Vancouver Heritage Site Finder thanks to the support of volunteer researchers and photographers.  The work can be completed on your own time using online and print resources. We ask volunteers to commit to 2-4 months and complete assignments in a timely manner. Please contact Jessica Quan, Special Projects Manager, with a recent resume, and a few words about why you are interested in researching. You must complete a VHF Standard Volunteer form.

Current opportunities are available for:

  • RESEARCH: to find accurate content for individual HSF sites by sourcing information and images (an online research guide and submissions form will be forwarded to you, and a short orientation will take place by phone or with a visit to the VHF office)
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: to take a variety of photos of sites on the Heritage Register. The HSF has a gallery feature where a number of images of a single site can be added, including current and archival. You will receive a list of addresses or sites within the city of Vancouver area.

Thanks to over 100 generous volunteers we continue to populate the map with images and information!

“It was an interesting experience volunteering for Vancouver Heritage Foundation, and the experience has changed my perception of looking at the city as a new immigrant to Canada. I have never been bored walking on the street in this city because there is always something new to think about, discover and explore. Thanks for the opportunity volunteering at VHF.”  (Research Volunteer 2017-2018)

"My time volunteering at the VHF has been a great learning experience. It gave me an avenue to transfer and to apply some of the skills I have picked in school, and to discover more on the magnificent heritage buildings in the city. I enjoyed the creative challenge of choosing and analysing a plethora of resources, and in repackaging the stories of each building into a brand new tale. I highly encourage individuals who are interested in history, architecture, urban studies or similar fields to try out this valuable opportunity. You will learn a lot!"   (Volunteer 2016)