Summer Storytelling Participant Info Form

Summer Storytelling: Vancouver's Places That Matter. July 19th, 6:30 -9 pm at Heritage Hall.

Join us for Summer Storytelling: Vancouver’s Places That Matter on July 19th, 6:30 -9 pm at Heritage Hall.

You are invited to participate as a community site or organization. Organizations must be based within the City of Vancouver and have a heritage/historical connection.

This event takes place at the end of Historic Places Week- a week-long celebration that offers a chance to explore heritage across BC and Canada and take part in programming that provides opportunities to learn and share about Vancouver’s history, diverse cultural heritage and historic places.

Heritage is the layering of stories that describe the uniqueness of a community’s past and present while informing the future. This year, we will be celebrating Heritage BC’s annual theme “Layer By Layer” and invite you to dig deeper into your community’s past and explore the many layers and stories that your unique community holds. Come learn something new about the many “layers” of the place you call home.

Places That Matter values the interconnected histories and experiences of Indigenous peoples and all settler communities who call this place home. We hope you can find ways to incorporate, acknowledge and highlight these lesser-known perspectives in your table displays and shared resources and research. Thank you!

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