Edwardian1905 - 1913

Edwardian Hipped Roof Cladding Double Hung Window Capital Column Transom Window Trim

Edwardian Features

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Edwardian houses are 1-1/2 storey with a very steep-pitched front-gabled roof above an integral porch and (typically) saddle-bag dormers. The roof skirt gives a strongly triangular look to the gable and usually frames a sleeping porch. The staircase and front door are typically placed on one side while a triple window with a transom illuminates the living room on the other side. Some feature decorative shingling, such as strips of diamond-pattern shingles in the gable. Typically, Edwardian brackets are much less prominent and structural than in the Craftsman Style, and are carved and set flat along the soffits. However, some Edwardian-style houses have hybrid-Craftsman features such as knee brackets.


The only style that began and ended with the Edwardian Era (c. 1901 – 1913), the Edwardian style was particularly popular in Vancouver. Edwardian style homes featured simpler form and detailing than the Victorian styles, and in some cases draw on Craftsman principles. Their steep gabled roof allowed for additional living space above the main floor, making them a practical choice for family homes throughout Vancouver at the time.


  • Steep front-gabled roof (approx. 45 degrees)
  • 1-1/2 stories
  • Roof skirt
  • Integral porch
  • Usually saddlebag dormers
  • Sleeping Porch