Queen Anne Revival1886 - 1912

Queen Anne Revival Turret Double Hung Window Column Porch Front Stairs Balustrade Cladding

Queen Anne Revival Features


The Queen Anne Revival style developed in England in the early 1870’s. It has very little to do with Queen Anne (1702–1714) other than the fact that it represents a vaguely historical revival of features common in English architecture. The style does, however, firmly embrace the picturesque aesthetic.


Queen Anne Revival houses are at least two storeys high with an asymmetrical in plan and massing and steeply pitched gable or hipped roofs.


Typically Queen Anne homes in Vancouver include: an open verandah, bay windows, a corner tower or turret, sometimes with a conical roof. It is also common to see porch columns, eave brackets, and corbelled chimneys painted in many colours.


A variety of cladding types on Queen Anne Revival houses provides a contrast of textures. This can include: narrow siding, drop siding, patterned shingles, panels of 1 X 4 V-joint, moldings, and gingerbread.